“Everybody who can afford to should give some time to some charity, because that’s about giving back to society: Society has been good to you. Whether it’s helping out with the local church group, at the soup kitchen, or as a trustee of a charity.”

– Sir Paul Ruddock

Below are just a few organisations Sir Paul works with.

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Sir Paul first visited the V&A when he was eight, served two terms as Chairman and has helped raise over £200 million for the museum. He was the lead private donor on the renovation of the critically acclaimed Medieval and Renaissance Galleries.

In 2015, Sir Paul was made an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Museum.

Sir Paul was Chair of the V&A from 2007 – 2015.

Sir Paul and Lady Ruddock funded development of the Paul and Jill Ruddock Renaissance City; and The William and Eileen Ruddock Gallery of early medieval art in 2009.

Paul & Jill Ruddock Gallery At V&A Museum
In Detail: Large-scale works, once part of impressive Renaissance buildings, are displayed in the context of the cityscape.

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Former Chair of the V&A Board of Trustees

Monday 26 September 2011: Paul Ruddock reappointed as Chair, and Michelle Ogundehin and Bob Stefanowski reappointed as trustees, of the Victoria & Albert Museum.

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Sir Paul has been a trustee of the museum since May 2002 and was re-appointed in May 2006.

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Appointed Chairman of the V&A Board by the Prime Minister on 19 July 2007 to succeed Paula Ridley with effect from 1 November 2007.

British Museum

Sir Paul joined the Board of Trustees at the British Museum in October, 2016.

The Sir Paul and Lady Ruddock Gallery: The Sutton Hoo, Europe and the Mediterranean between AD 300 and 1100

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This gallery space, opened in March 2014, has been made possible by a generous donation from Sir Paul and Lady Jill Ruddock, funder of the Sir Paul and Lady Ruddock Medieval Gallery at the British Museum.

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The Sir Paul and Lady Ruddock Gallery of Medieval Art (room 40)

The third of four new galleries which opened at the British Museum in 2009, the Paul and Jill Ruddock Gallery of Medieval Europe is devoted to the British Museum’s pre-eminent collection of medieval material. This gallery placed this great collection in its fullest historical context, integrating art with archaeology, covering the period from 1050–1500 AD. Some of the Museum’s greatest British, European and Byzantine treasures form the centrepieces for this new permanent space.

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The newly-refurbished Medieval Europe gallery showcases many of the world’s greatest medieval treasures. British, European and Byzantine objects tell the story of a period of great change when territorial wars and political turmoil shaped the continent we know today.

Gold Cup From Medieval Europe (Room 40)

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King Edward’s School

Opening April 2012, Sir Paul and Lady Jill Ruddock are the major donors for the Performing Arts Centre of the King Edward’s School in Birmingham; the two main performing spaces will be the Concert Hall which accommodates an orchestra of 90 and an audience of over 400 and a drama studio of flexible design that accommodates an audience of 120.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art

In January 2011 Sir Paul was elected to the Board of Trustees of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. At the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Sir Paul has been a member of the Chairman’s Council since 2010 and of the Visiting Committee for the Department of Medieval Art and The Cloisters since 2007. In January 2014, he became a Fellow For Life and in 2016, a Benefactor For Life. He is also Co-Chair of the International Council.

“The Metropolitan Museum of Art is pleased to welcome Paul Ruddock to its Board of Trustees,” commented Mr. Houghton. “His vast and multi-faceted international museum experience along with his background in global financial markets will strengthen our institution in many ways. He has been actively involved with the Metropolitan for more than a decade—especially in the area of medieval art”

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Mussee du Moyen Age, Paris

Supported the gallery Renovation of the early Medieval and Gothic Galleries 2022.


Sir Paul, along with his business associate, Stuart Roden, is a long-standing supporter and Ambassador for award-winning charity, AfriKids, protecting and promoting child rights in northern Ghana. AfriKids works in a region where half of the population live in poverty and 1 in 12 children die before their 5th birthday. Over the years, Sir Paul and Lady Jill Ruddock’s support has enabled a wide range of life-changing projects, including getting children off the streets and into school, establishing an award-winning primary hospital and abolishing the “Spirit Child Phenomenon” – educating and supporting communities to abandon a harmful traditional practice.

Mama Laadi is particularly close to Sir Paul’s heart, a community health nurse who once fed and cared for children on the streets out of a single room. Today, thanks to the Ruddock family and AfriKids, she runs a happy, healthy foster home for children who have faced abuse, neglect or abandonment and have nowhere else to go. Mama Laadi handles some of the most challenging and distressing of AfriKids’ cases, but her restorative home has transformed the lives of hundreds of children and supported them not only to secure their own futures, but to give back to their communities as they grow older.

AfriKids’ locally-led approach and remarkable achievements in sustainable development saw them crowned International Charity of the Year in 2015.